Coton de Tulear vs AKC Mentioned in New York Times article

The AKC just can’t stay away from bad press lately which is too darn bad for them as the Westminster dog show approaches starting tomorrow. People are becoming aware buying an AKC dog isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. If you pay “Rolex” prices for a dog or puppy you expect “Rolex” quality, not so when purchasing an AKC dog/puppy.

In today’s New York Times the Coton de Tulear is mentioned in an article about the deception that is the American Kennel Club:

Breeder Sues A.K.C.

“Peterson added, “The A.K.C. believes it is not the number of dogs a person owns that determines the health and well-being of the animals, but the care and conditions that animals receive.”

Concern surrounding the A.K.C.’s connections to low-quality breeders has resulted in some dog owners seeking to distance themselves from the organization. In October, Hailey Parker, a longtime Coton de Tulear breeder, filed a lawsuit against the A.K.C. and cited the A.K.C.’s connections with high-volume breeders among the reasons. The Coton’s “reputation and business model is based on a disassociation from ‘puppy mills’ and similar commercial breeding operations,” according to the complaint.

The A.K.C. declined to comment on the pending Coton litigation.”

Well of course they declined comment, they’re being sued!

For the entire NYT article please click on this link: NYT article.

2 thoughts on “Coton de Tulear vs AKC Mentioned in New York Times article

  1. Puppy Mills have got to be stopped. The AKC cannot turn their backs on this horrible problem.

    • You are RIGHT Annette. Puppy mills are horrible and an awful way of breeding dogs for profit.

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